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Bare Boards and Stencil Production

Bare Boards PCB :

* Produced in single-sided, double-sided, through-hole plated, alluminium,flex-prints, including solder mask and legend, drilled, slotted, routed, cut and pressed. Finished by tin or gold, focused on prototypes, small or simple large series.

Price list printed circuit boards


Singlesided40,- Kč/dm2
Doublesided60,- Kč/dm2
Trough Hole Doublesided150,- Kč/dm2
Flexible160,- Kč/dm2
Alluminium160,- Kč/dm2

Technical capabilities

Minimum thickness conductors: 0,15 mm (6 mil)

Minimum thickness isolation: 0,15 mm (6 mil)

Minimum drilling diameter: 0,3 mm (12 mil)

Maximum dimensions: 610 x 1200 mm

Thickness : laminates 0,2-4,0 mm, copper 18-135 um

Stencils for SMT :

* SMT stencils are produced from brass, alpaka or stainless steel up to 610 x 999 mm at thickness 100 – 300 um.


Printed circuit boards


Printed circuit boards and SMT stencils


SMT stencils